Dr. Erhard Has Over 20 Years of Experience and Advanced Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery Training

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About Vaginal Rejuvenation

  Why choose vaginal rejuvenation? Decreased sensation during intercourse. A loose vagina with decreased muscle tone. Decreased partner satisfaction. Tampons not staying in. How long does vaginal rejuvenation surgery take? The surgery typically lasts one to two hours. What are the costs of vaginal rejuvenation surgery? The range is from $5500 to $9000, only after a consultation can a more accurate fee be determined. Is vaginal rejuvenation covered by insurance? No, it is considered a cosmetic procedure and insurance does not cover this procedure. What is healing time after rejuvenation surgery? Most patients are up and about the afternoon of their surgery day. The first three days are spent relaxing. Cold compresses or ice packs will help keep the swelling to a minimum. By 72 hours you may resume regular activities, making sure there is minimal friction to the labia. Patients may return to work within 7 days as long as rigorous physical activity is avoided. During the 6 week recovery there should be no intercourse or tampons use. Patients should avoid bath tubs/hot tubs or swimming in the lake or ocean. How soon may I resume intercourse after surgery? We ask that you abstain from sexual intercourse and masturbation for 6 weeks. Is childbirth a must to be considered for vaginal rejuvenation surgery? No, while childbirth is the most common cause of vaginal relaxation, it may also be the result of: aging, genetics, dramatic weight changes, chronic straining with constipation, chronic cough or activities such as weight lifting. Will vaginal rejuvenation improve my sex life? The purpose of vaginal rejuvenation is to tighten the vagina for increased friction resulting in greater stimulation during intercourse. A patient’s sex life can also be enhanced by her increased self-confidence and the resulting increased libido.  


Dr. Lisa Ohman Erhard

A Board Certified Gynecologist and Cosmetic Surgeon specializing in Cosmetic Gynecology procedures including Labiaplasty and Vaginal Rejuvenation, which tightens the vagina and restores appearance and function, as well as enhances sexual gratification.  For the perimenopausal woman, Dr. Erhard offers a revolutionary treatment called Female Hormone Optimization™ that restores health through the use of bioidentical hormones. Additional skills include in-office liposuction, HCG weight loss, incontinence management, and the very popular G-spot amplification.   Laser skin care services include, profactional skin laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, hair reduction, Botox, Juvederm, and more. Dr. Erhard offers cosmetic surgery and aesthetic options to create beautiful, youthful results.  


Dr. Erhard is warm, caring and comforting. I saw her on a television interview and I was thrilled to hear her talk about my condition and the multiple surgical and non-surgical treatment options available to me. As soon as we met, I knew I was in good hands. I opted for vaginal rejuvenation surgery and couldn't be more happy with the results. I'd recommend her to anyone suffering from post childbirth intimate issues.


I’ve experienced great customer service from the time of reception to my encounters with the clinical staff. I get reminder calls for my appointments and find the staff courteous and friendly. I was pleasantly surprised when Dr. Lisa Erhard personally called me a day after the surgery to inquire on my status.


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Office Address: 1120 Wayzata Blvd E, Suite 100, Wayzata, MN 55391